Wood - Panels

In construction, home decoration and at making pieces of furniture, panels are frequently used. We offer quality products and solutions for several applications, even in the most demanding circumstances.

Bois Bois Bois

Massive European en exotic wood

Such as the red Norwegian pine, douglas, yellow pine, pin des landes, beech, ash, chestnut, European and American oak, afsélia, méranti, merbau, cedar, teak, sucupira, padouk, cumaru, wengé, zébrano,…

In construction : joists, twills, laths,… roughly or planed and treated or not

Wood for garden and terrace: impregnated pine, ipé , bangkirai , itauba , massaranduba, padoek…

Home decoration: panelling for ceiling and walls, list work, massive working surfaces, wooden floors…


This material replaces massive wood but at a lesser cost. MDF is made from compressed wooden particles in this way they get a plane aspect and a strong rigidity. A much used and appreciated application are the pieces of furniture and decorative elements, either unfinished either varnished or painted. Since it is available in several half-measures 2440x1220, 3050x1220, 3050x2440mm and cross-sections 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, 30, 38 mm, can be used it for different home decoration applications.


MDF is also available in a waterresistant version (green), a fireslowering version (red), or covered with melamine, pre-painted, hardplastic or veneer.

By its composition of pressed wooden particles, which are bound by a synthetic resin, this product is very useful in the home decoration. Covered, the panels offer an aspect of massive wood for a moderate cost.

L'aggloméré L'aggloméré L'aggloméré L'aggloméré L'aggloméré

Agglomerate is also available in a water-resistant version (green), a fireslowering version (red), or covered with melamine, pre-painted, hard plastic or veneer.

Made by gluing an odd number of layers against each other with changing direction of the wire. Because of this, plywood has a large capacitance in the different directions, at several applications and in all environments. Available in 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25mm 2500x1220mm or 3050x1220/1530mm.


Finishings on the panels in MDF, agglomerate and plywood

The panels are covered along both sides with a finishing in melamine with standard colours. Available in 8 and 18mm 2750x2070mm or in panels for furniture with taped on the long sides in widths of 300, 400, 500, 564, 600, 800 x2500mm.

Hard plastic (Stratifié)
The panels in mdf, chipboard or plywood can be covered along both sides with a finishing such as melamine but then thicker (0.6 to 1,2mm) and more firmly, with much more possibilities with regard to the aspect such as: metal, stone, marble…

The advantage of stratifié is that you can choose the finishing and the panel as you wish…. Really to order with reasonable delivery periods.

Available 2800x1300, 3050x1300 and 4100x1300mm and cross-sections to choice.

Chêne blanc Chêne Française Chêne naturelle Chêne cérusée Chêne Champagne Chêne grise Bouleau Erable doré Noyer Stanford Zebrano Hêtre blanc Chêne Normandie Hêtre Bavaria Hêtre clair Meresier américain Meresier Chêne clair Chêne rustique Noyer classique Chêne chocolat Erable Hêtre naturel Aulne Pin rustique Pommier brun-rouge Palissander Poire Chêne lasuré Chêne Oxford Cuivre Ivoire Sierra Nevada Toscane Cappuccino Havanna Ral 9002 Brûme d'automne Argent Alu brossé Puntinella clair Gris Galet Gris souris Gris basalt Noir perlé Woody Gris anthracite Radica Scura Noce Listellare Scuro faggio Lamellare Reflex Copper Sunrise Sunlight Vapor Floor Selenio Nero Fibra Carbonio Blu Fibra Carbonio Dorata Copperfield Avana

The panels in mdf, chipboard or plywood can be covered on both sides with real wood. Most used are: oak, beech, pine, cherry, ash, teak, wengé, zébrano, … on panels of 4, 9, 17mm on 2500x1240mm, other thicknesses, formats and woods can be delivered to order.

Oriented Strand Board, or panels of orientated thin lamellas, offer at the same time a good mechanical capacitance and an aesthetic view. Inevitably they are economically a replacement of massive wood. In home decoration, one will treat the plates sometimes with a varnish that colours them. The variety of the bits wood from which OSB is made, is also an aspect which is a lot appreciated in the ecological living tendency. Available in 12, 15, 18, 22 mm, in panels square edge of 2440x1220 mm or in panels tongue & groove 2440x590mm.


Glued lamellas
Massive wooden panels consist of many wooden lamellas together glued in length and/or width. Like beech, oak, pine, …
Used as work tablets, marches, …