Plaster - Isolation

Gyproc has become synonymous for plasterboard but it is so much more.

Gyproc has besides the standard Gyproc boards also a large assortment of products for the ceiling, plaster fibre boards, isolating coverings, fireproof plates and so on.

The basic Gyproc boards/plates

Gyproc boards are plasterboards intended for interior decoration.
They are made from a core of fireproof plaster covered on both sides with a specific strong paperboard.

They are differentiated by their composition and the form of the long sides.

Rigidur plates

Rigidur plates are very strongly compressed plates made on plaster and cellulose fibres base.

Rigidur is available in panels with large dimensions for the use in partitions, but also in small, practical dimensions, as a part of the dry finishing layer - Rigidur Floor.


PlaGyp is a metal basic structure for ceilings.

These structures can exist from a single skeleton (PlaGyp S), to be placed under wooden joints or rafters, or from a double skeleton (PlaGyp D), for large surface ceilings.v

The easiest and most effective product available.

PlaGyp D PlaGyp S

Metal Stud

Metal Stud is a basic structure in light metal (horizontal and vertical profiles) for universal applications in partitions, coverings and ceilings.

Metal Stud Metal Stud

Isolating panels - Gyproc

The isolating Gyproc panels are thermal and/or acoustic isolating panels.

They consist from a Gyproc A board, covered with isolating material.

These isolating panels exist in different types, in function of the application (thermal and/or acoustic isolation) and the thickness of the covering.

Thermal and acoustic isolation

Thermal isolation is without doubt the best investment you van achieve for your home. It contributes to your comfort allows you as well to cut down your heating bill. Acoustic isolation becomes more and more an issue. No wonder the government imposes standards.

A list of the most current isolation materials.

  • polystyrene
  • extruded polystyrene XPS
  • polyurethane
  • rock wool
  • glass wool
  • cork
  • vermiculite
  • softboard